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Re: release directories and naming for install images, live images,and isos

apb@ wrote:

> release(7) doesn't say where the outputs from 
> live-image and install-image will go, but src/BUILDING says 
> RELEASEDIR/liveimage and RELEASEDIR/installimage.

                   Create a bootable NetBSD installation disk image in the
                   directory.  The installation disk image is suitable for
     live-image    Create NetBSD live images in the
                   RELEASEDIR/RELEASEMACHINEDIR/installation/liveimage direc-
                   tory.  The live image contains all necessary files to boot

You can change the target directories by LIVEIMG_RELEASEDIR
and INSTIMG_RELEASEDIR varivables in src/etc/Makefile or
optional src/etc/etc.${MACHINE}/

Izumi Tsutsui

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