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Re: Trouble booting from thumb drive...

Robert Elz wrote:
> Beware the script contains
>       vnddev="vnd0"
> That is, it simply assumes vnd0 is available (it doesn't even test the
> result of the vnconfig to determine if that's true or not).
> Here's a little function/script that determines the name of the next
> available vnd (or to be more precise, one vnd above the biggest numbered
> one currently in use).    Scripts should really use something like this
> rather than just assuming that no-one else uses vnds (or cgds, or similar).

You are right, of course.  Actually, what the mkmemscript script
*really* needs is a way to extract the files in an ISO image that
meets the two requirements of (a) preserving file permissions and (b)
not having to be root, but lacking that, your shell function is still
an improvement, so I added the version from your second mail to the
script in pkgsrc.
Andreas Gustafsson,

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