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Re: msdos filesystem extremely slow, and buggy

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   Rhialto <>wrote:

=>I was copying a file to a USB stick with the msdos file system.
=>I had fortunately mounted it with -o rump, because it paniced:
=>panic: genfs_getpages: VOP_BMAP & lazy bum: 7
=>Also, the file was moderately large (1,5 GB) and I noticed that it was
=>extremely slow to write that file.
=>Once upon a time (2006) I fixed a slowness bug in msdosfs:
=>It seems that the problem is back (in fact, it has been back for a

   I haven't seen crashes, but I have seen other issues. I use a
USB flash reader to load files onto a MicroSD card. I've taken to
running an fsck on it, because it seems that my music player isn't
that clean about maintaing the file system, either, but after fixing
it, mounting it, writing to it, and unmounting it again, a fair
amount of the time I'll see that there are inconsistencies to be

                                        Gary Duzan

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