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Re: Token ring anybody?

Am 20.07.11 11:52, schrieb Izumi Tsutsui:
>>>>> if somebody is still using token ring under NetBSD could you please
>>>>> test if it still works after the following change?
>>>> I nobody replies it's probably time to remove token ring support ;)
>>> Since all NetBSD users are subscribed to current-users, you mean?
>> what, we don't have token-ring@ ?
> Don't be so stupid.
> It's enough to treat such devices as tier II ports, i.e.
> "keeping it working is the responsibility of the user community,"
> and no need to remove them unless they prevent MI improvements.

Don't be so stupid...

It seems hard for you to grasp when I am being sarcastic, right?  Maybe
we need a tag for that, so that folks from less-humourous cultures
understand when we try to be funny ;)

Of course when token-ring still has uses (and Rhialto mentioned a
perfectly valid use) I am as well not for removing stuff that works for

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