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u3g - Novatel Wireless Expedite EU860D Minicard.


I have a new toughbook cf19 with an integrated EU860D 3g gsm modem.
Initially it attached as a ugen device and did not work.

Reading the source of u3g 3g modem driver I found similar devices were 
supported, so I added the device string (product id 0x2420, manufacturer 
Novatel Wireless) to the match list and it works.

I now have two devices ttyU0- responding to AT commands and ttyU1 which doesn't 
echo anything ( I think it's the status port according to windows.)

So I just want to inform everyone that these cards are supported (possibly the 
EU870D but that's a guess) and that usbdevs and u3g.c should be updated.

I'd like to encourage other Novatel usb modem device owners to take a chance 
and at the product id to u3g.c and build a new kernel to see if there modem is 

I have successfully connected to the internet through gprs and it works great.

Initially I was disappointed as Novatel said it was only supported by windows 
and linux (linux option.c).  Thankfully its also supported by our u3g.



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