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Mounting ext3 file-systems under NetBSD


I've just imported "fuse-ext2" into pkgrsc HEAD:

It's a FUSE file-system which allows mounting ext2 and ext3 file-system
under NetBSD. Before you try it out you need to make sure that the
"librefuse" library on your system contains the following fix:

Without the above fix "fuse_ext2fs" will crash with a segmentation fault
when you try to mount the file-system.

With an updated "librefuse" it is easy to use:

# fuse-ext2 /tmp/ext3fs.img /mnt
fuse-ext2: version:'0.0.7', fuse_version:'26' [main (fuse-ext2.c:331)]
fuse-ext2: enter [do_probe (do_probe.c:30)]
fuse-ext2: leave [do_probe (do_probe.c:55)]
Mounting /tmp/ext3fs.img Read-Only.
Use 'force' or 'rw+' options to enable Read-Write mode
fuse-ext2: opts.device: /tmp/ext3fs.img [main (fuse-ext2.c:358)]
fuse-ext2: opts.mnt_point: /mnt [main (fuse-ext2.c:359)]
fuse-ext2: opts.volname:  [main (fuse-ext2.c:360)]
fuse-ext2: opts.options: (null) [main (fuse-ext2.c:361)]
fuse-ext2: parsed_options: ro,fsname=/tmp/ext3fs.img [main (fuse-ext2.c:362)]
fuse-ext2: mounting read-only [main (fuse-ext2.c:378)]

> df -h /mnt      
Filesystem        Size       Used      Avail %Cap Mounted on
/dev/puffs         31M       4.4M        27M  14% /mnt

Read-only mode seems to work fine. I get "Protocol error" if I mount
the file-system in read-write mode and try to copy a file to it.

        Kind regards

Matthias Scheler                        

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