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Strange system hangs

I'm running amd64 -current built from with sources updated on May 30 at 19:30 UTC...

Every once in a while, my system "locks up". In all of the instances I can remember, I had a " -j32 release" running.

The system is a dual-Opteron-6xxx (total of 24 cores) with 32GB RAM. Since it is my main machine, it is running an Xserver, and that's where I'm logged in and working. Most of the file systems (including all of the ones that would be touching) are on either of two RAID-1 raidframe, and most of the filesystems are also NFS-exported to several other machines. The filesystems are also WAPBL-enabled.

When the hang occurs, everything in userland freezes. The X mouse pointer no longer moves, keyboard input is ignored, and even an xosview totally stops updating.

However, if I log in as root on one of the other machines, I can still ping(8) the failed box.

The only recourse when this happens seems to be to reboot the box. I have not figured out any way to drop into ddb nor to get a crash dump.

Anyone got any clues?

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