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Re: current snapshot cannot mount / from CD

On Nov 2,  9:35am, "Simon J. Gerraty" wrote:
} On Sun, 12 Jun 2011 09:56:06 -0700, John Nemeth writes:
} >     From looking at the source, the boot blocks should be loading the
} Do you have a pointer handy?

     Here, right after loading the kernel, it loads the appropriate
filesystem module:

And, here at the end of cd9660_open just before returning success, it
sets the filesystem type:

You might want to add a printf() just before the first reference to
make sure it is loading the correct module and fsmod didn't get
overridden somewhere.

     The real problem is that messages from the bootblock aren't
written to msgbuf and quickly disappear off the top of the screen as
autoconf starts.  You might want to add some kind of pause in
init_main() or use a serial console.

} >module automatically.
} The cd9660 module is present on the CD.
} I didn't spot whether it got loaded though.
} The behaviour suggests it did not?
} I'll try an build my own iso next week, and try and confirm the cause.
}-- End of excerpt from "Simon J. Gerraty"

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