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Re: current snapshot cannot mount / from CD

On Sep 27,  7:59pm, Paul Goyette wrote:
} > Actually since rev 1.918 (2008/11), the GENERIC kernel does support 
} > any file-system other than FFS and NFS.
} > On the amd64 cd image I don't see any modules.
} Hmmm, I see modules on the amd64 iso image:
} {17} vnconfig vnd0 release/iso/amd64cd.iso
} {18} mount -t cd9660 /dev/vnd0d /mnt
} {19} ls /mnt/stand/amd64/5.99.52/
} modules
} {20} ls /mnt/stand/amd64/5.99.52/modules/
} accf_dataready    compat_linux      ksem              scsiverbose
} accf_httpready    compat_linux32    layerfs           secmodel_bsd44
} acpiacad          compat_netbsd32   lfs               secmodel_overlay
} acpibat           compat_ossaudio   mfs               securelevel
} acpibut           coredump          miiverbose        smbfs
} acpicpu           coretemp          miniroot          solaris
} ...

     Is cd9660 in that list?

     The boot blocks will print messages about which modules are being
loaded and any that it fails to load just before the kernel starts.
Can you see those messages, or do they scroll by too fast?

}-- End of excerpt from Paul Goyette

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