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ipv6 day

Well, in observance of ipv6 I decided to finally try to set up a ipv6 tunnel
for some of my machines.  It turned out to be way easier than I expected.
After creating an account with a tunnel provider (, creating
a tunnel was just a couple extra clicks, and they provide cut-and-pastable
examples specifically for NetBSD of the ifconfig and route commands to run.  
        ifconfig gif0 create
        ifconfig gif0 tunnel a.b.c.d w.x.y.z
        ifconfig gif0 inet6 mmmm:nnnn::2 qqqq:wwww:1 prefixlen 128
        route -n add -inet6 default qqqq:wwww:1

After chopping off the "ifconfig gif0" piece, and putting the rest of those
lines in /etc/ifconfig.gif0, plus adding a defaultroute6 line to rc.conf, I
now have working ipv6 access!

If anyone else has been putting off setting this up because it seemed like 
it would be hard to do, I urge you to give it a shot.

Thanks to everyone that worked on NetBSD's ipv6 support!


(btw, this was on NetBSD 5.0)

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