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[ p4i253yjcvw44alv] : national health service corp clinics - 1,300 total records with emails for government run free clinics

Business List Package: $295 
ALL Lists Below: $295 altogether OR any 5 Lists for $149

Also, ask about our Healthcare and Consumer databases

Hotels in the USA
Database        :       63,260 emails

Schools in the USA
Database        :       439,797 emails for Schools, Universities and Colleges 
in the USA.

Churches in the USA
Database        :       169,377 emails for Churches of all denominations in the 

Architects in the USA
Database        :       9,790 emails in total

Real Estate Land Developers
Database        :       10,837 emails in total

Construction Development
Database        :       94,272 emails
Criminal Attorneys
Database        :        142,906 total records, 99,857 emails
Real Estate Agents
Database        :       2.4 Million Email Database (2 lists)
Police and Sheriff Services
Database        :        42,987 records and 114 emails
USA Business Database
Database        :       10 Million Emails for US businesses in various 
categories (3 lists)
Manufacturers Database
Database        :        1,057,119 records with 476,509 emails
USA Lawyers Database
Database        :        269,787 records with 235,244 emails
Financial Planners Database
Database        :        148,857 records all with emails
Finance and Money Professionals Database
Database        :        116,568 records all with emails
Insurance Agents
Database        :       61,744 emails for Insurance companies in the USA (2 

Media Outlet Contacts
Database        :        over 200k records all with emails and full contact data

VARs and IT Consultants
Database        :        12,000 VAR and IT consultant Emails in the USA

Samples can be downloaded in Excel format, please email me here

to adjust your subscription status email to

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