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Recent usb changes cause panic when umass removed

I've updated a couple of my machines to -current built from sources of 14:05:30 UTC. Part of my update sequence is to attach an external USB hard drive and dump the root file system.

On both machines, I get a kernel panic upon removing the external USB hard drive. The first machine I didn't catch (still had xdm running), but on the second machine I got the following backtrace:

        ehci_free + 0x17
        usbd_free_xfer + 0x2a
        umass_disco + 0x56
        umass_detach + 0xe5
        config_detach + 0x90
        usb_disconnect_port + 0xa3
        uhub_explore + 0x16f
        usb_discover + 0x31
        usb_event_thread + 0x3e

Any clues?

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