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Questions about file-system snapshot - fss(4)

I'm a bit confused about fss ...

The name claims that it makes a snapshot of a filesystem, but the path argument to fssconfig(8) is a pathname. The man page doesn't document any requirement that the path argument refer to the mount-point of a filesystem.

So, what happens if you specify a normal file as the path argument? And what happens if you specify a directory somewhere within (but not at the root of) a filesystem?

Second question: the man page states that fss(4) is still experimental (since 2005). Is there a known list of things that are broken? (A search through gnats doesn't find any PRs.)


Assuming that /home is the root of a mounted filesystem, if I create a snapshot using

        fssconfig -c /dev/fss0 /home /var/tmp/

can I then use

        dump -0a /home | ...

to get a self-consistent backup of the /home filesystem?

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