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Re: Strange error from vipw

On Sun, 24 Apr 2011, Christos Zoulas wrote:

In article <>,
Paul Goyette  <> wrote:
I'm trying to add a user to my systems, and having a little bit of a

Four out of five systems went fine, but the last one is reporting an

        vipw: pwd_mkdb exited with static 1
        re-edit the password file? [y]:

But it's not very clear what "static 1" means, nor is there any clue to
help me fix the problem.

I just fixed the error message. pwd_mkdb logs to syslog when invoked
from vipw, check there.

Yes, thanks!

I looked a bit further, and found that there was a zero-length file in
/etc/pwd.db.tmp - I removed that file and everything is well now.

I have no clue how that file got there, but the problem is gone and I'm happy. :)

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