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Re: svr4_net* not being registered?

On Apr 23, 12:04pm, (Thor Lancelot Simon) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: svr4_net* not being registered?

| SCO what, OpenServer?  You won't be able to run those under SVR4
| emulation, you'd need to (ow!) whack IBCS2 emulation to work on amd64,
| likely involving a lot of compat32 hackery too.

Yup, this needs ibcs2_32 :-), not svr4_32. This is not too hard to do,
just a lot of typing...

| > Note. The native SCO compiler generates COFF binaries; I've got gcc 2.95
| > installed from their "skunkworks" disk, which generates ELF. I'm working
| > w/ both, but only sent an ELF example.
| Yeah, that sounds like OpenServer.  Ugh.

Ugh is right. Do you have a real application you want to run, or his is
just to play around?


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