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gcc 4.1 c++ build problem kdegames4

Trying to build kdegames4 4.6.2 but its tripping up on a GCC 4.1 

211: error: expected ',' or '...' before '>' token
211: error: wrong number of template arguments (1, should be 2)
:66: error: provided for 'template<class Key, class T> class QHash'
211: error: default argument missing for parameter 5 of 'QPixmap 
(const QString&, const QSize&, int, const QHash<QColor, QColor>&, 
QColor) const'

the relevant line of kgamerenderer.h reads

          QPixmap spritePixmap(const QString& key, const QSize& 
size, int frame = -1, 
const QHash<QColor, QColor>& customColors = QHash<QColor, 
QColor>()) const;

Apparently this builds fine with GCC4.4 but that doesn't help us 
and there is an open kde bugreport about it (261488) but that has 
no help.

Anyone have suggestions on how to work around this and get it to 
build with 4.1?


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