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Re: amd64 server hang

Patrick Welche <> wrote:
>Last Monday a GENERIC/amd64-current (Mar 24 16:19 GMT code) crashed
>rebooted, but sadly didn't leave me a core file.
>Today said nfs server froze. Logging in on as root on a serial console
>gave me a shell prompt, then ls froze. Dropping into ddb, all 4 CPUs
>(2 real hyperthreaded) where idle, and serveral processes were in tstile.
>Thoughts on gaining more clues? (An earlier post from wiz about tmpfs &
>tstile had me wondering...)

I had similar problems on i386-current from earlier in the year to mid
March, running from a client machine would cause the server
to gradually lock up.

I'm running now with sources from April 7 with DEBUG, DIAGNOSTIC and
LOCKDEBUG enabled and have not had it happen again.

I am using tmpfs, but not as the device being accessed over NFS.

I do have a core file and kernel saved from when I had problems.

Robert Swindells

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