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Re: rump make dependall fails

On Sat, 16 Apr 2011, Peter Tamei wrote:

> Hi everyone:
> I got an error when i was trying make dependall at src/sys/rump.
> nbmake says not found i386--netbsdelf-gcc. In its places is
> i486--netbsdelf-gcc and its friends..
> Why?. Thanks, Peter

what is your host OS ?

when you "make dependall" the toolnames come from the host installed
/usr/share/mk/ file rather than the source tree version.  This
is ok if the host OS is NetBSD of similar vintage to the source you are
building, but otherwise you really need to use the src/ wrapper
which takes care to use the make rules from the source tree you are

You may be able to proceed with "make USETOOLS=no dependall" but then you
might run into trouble with the /usr/include files not being compatible
with the source tree..

So, although you can "make install" in src/share/mk/ and "make includes"
in src/ to get around these, I would recommend using if your host
differs much from the source you are trying to build..


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