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Re: Looking for NAS Hardware

On 12 April 2011 12:48, Stephen Borrill <> wrote:
On Sat, 9 Apr 2011, David Brownlee wrote:
On Fri, 8 Apr 2011, Thomas Klausner wrote:

I'm looking for recommendations for NAS Hardware.
I have some spare hard disks and want to use them in a dedicated low
power NAS box that should run NetBSD.

My requirements are basically:
. fits 4x 3,5" SATA disks
. Gigabit LAN
. Low Power (i.e. not a desktop PC)
. available :)

Does an HP Microserver count or does that not fit bullet point 3?

Would that be something like: (140
pounds after cashback).

Yes, exactly that. It also has eSATA and internal USB socket which is nice.

mmm nice. Contemplates booting from an internal USB flash and then using all five SATA drives in a raid5 config...

Is anyone on the list running NetBSD on one,

I've a number of them, but watch out for kern/44277.

Many thanks - that has undoubtably saved me a little time this evening! (mine arrived today).
My natural inclination would be to start with netbsd-5 amd64 on it (which starts to take the relevance away from this list :).

and also does anyone have a good pci-e network card recommendation?

I use Intel Pro/1000CT (come with both full and half-height backplates - the HP can only take half-height).

Perfick - I had ordered on the offchance :)

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