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Re: Looking for NAS Hardware

Thomas Klausner wrote:
>I'm looking for recommendations for NAS Hardware.
>I have some spare hard disks and want to use them in a dedicated low
>power NAS box that should run NetBSD.
>My requirements are basically:
>. fits 4x 3,5" SATA disks
>. Gigabit LAN
>. Low Power (i.e. not a desktop PC)
>. available :)

Some of the Synology boxes should work using NetBSD/evbarm with the

The manufacturer doesn't list which model uses which processor on
their main website but the DS411j and DS211j look as if they are using
the Marvell Kirkwood. There is more info in their support fora though.

Other models are supposed to be using Atom CPUs.

Robert Swindells

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