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Re: Upgrading from 5.1_STABLE to 5.99.46 on Sun Fire V100

On Tue, Mar 01, 2011 at 04:37:08PM +0000, Eduardo Horvath wrote:
> You should be using the "device_type" property to determine what sort of 
> device it is and the "compatible" property to decide what driver to 
> attach.  Unfortunately some devices don't have a "device_type" property, 
> so in this case you may need to use the "compatible" property to identify 
> it.  Using the children to figure that out is a bad idea since there are 
> I2C controllers that are directly attached instead of children of SMBus 
> devices and who knows what would happen in that case.

Unfortunately, we don't have the OF node for the iic device, just the 
PMU in this case, which doesn't have very helpful properties (PCI ID +
a rather useless PCI class 0).

So I can fix it for the Flapjack-class machines, but since I have no
idea how the i2c bus attaches on other hardware, that will need to
stay as is for better or for worse (which might be OK given what you


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