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Re: Porting DRM/GEM from OpenBSD

On 02/09/2011 02:29 PM, wrote:

Will this patch become part of the source tree for NetBSD>  5.99.44?

In its current form, the patch cannot become part of the source tree.
I posted it to get feedback, to (hopefully) help others with a recent
Intel graphics chipset (such as in Core i3/i5), and to inform others
about this DRM/GEM effort (to avoid duplicating the work).

Could this help with my problem of getting a blank screen when I
return to text console after exiting X?

I have ATI Rage 128 graphics card.

No, it won't help.  The port only targets Intel graphics (for now).
And it does so by disabling support for all other hardware (as said,
it's not ready for integration in the source tree...).


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