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Boot problem


I'm trying to boot an HP DV6000 laptop (AMD x2). I'm using:

I also tried the 5.1 iso, and the results were the same.

Normally the boot hangs on "pmsprobe: reset response 0xfa". Sometimes, 
randomly, the boot will continue and get to the installation menu, and then 
hang there. At that point the capslock keyboard light will have heavy lag, 
maybe 10 seconds, but I can't navigate the menu.

If I boot with the -1 option the system boots well. The "pmsprobe" kernel 
message is replaced by "pms0", but it goes by too fast for me to remember more 
than that. The installation menu works. I drop to a shell, and dmesg shows 
both cpu0 and cpu1 are detected, but cpu1 is disabled.

Booting -2 also boots a usable system, but the system will be lagged.

Any suggestions on how I can use SMP?


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