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Re: Boot problem

In article <>,
Robert Connolly  <> wrote:
>I'm trying to boot an HP DV6000 laptop (AMD x2). I'm using:
>I also tried the 5.1 iso, and the results were the same.
>Normally the boot hangs on "pmsprobe: reset response 0xfa". Sometimes, 
>randomly, the boot will continue and get to the installation menu, and then 
>hang there. At that point the capslock keyboard light will have heavy lag, 
>maybe 10 seconds, but I can't navigate the menu.
>If I boot with the -1 option the system boots well. The "pmsprobe" kernel 
>message is replaced by "pms0", but it goes by too fast for me to remember more 
>than that. The installation menu works. I drop to a shell, and dmesg shows 
>both cpu0 and cpu1 are detected, but cpu1 is disabled.
>Booting -2 also boots a usable system, but the system will be lagged.
>Any suggestions on how I can use SMP?

Can you try to boot -c, disable pms0 and see if this is the only issue?


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