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Configuring gre tunnel hangs in "gre wait"

The gre(4) manpage gives the following instructions for creating a gre tunnel:

# ifconfig greN create
# ifconfig greN A D netmask 0xffffffff linkX up
# ifconfig greN tunnel A D

"ifconfig gre0 create" works fine for me, but "ifconfig gre0 netmask 0xffffffff link0 up" hangs ifconfig in "gre wait":

UID PID PPID CPU LID NLWP PRI NI VSZ RSS WCHAN STAT TTY TIME COMMAND 0 13244 38 0 1 1 85 0 3100 1040 gre wait D ttyp0 0:00.01 ifconfig gre0 netmask 0xffffffff link0 up

I'm running -current as of a couple minutes ago (Feb 5 2011) on i386.

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