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Re: macppc/5.99.44: hangs after 'avail memory'


>> No it wasn't.  This is now fixed.  (It was due to older ports specifying
>> r0 as temporary register but r0 has restrictions on how it can used so
>> the macro that inits lwp0.l_addr had to change to deal with that.
> Thanks. I confirm it is fixed.
Yepp.. mine works here as well...

> But now the next kernel diagnostic assertion panic happens during,
> or shortly after, running /sbin/init:
> init: copying out path '/sbin/init' 11
> panic: kernel diagnostic asssertion "l == l->l_md.md_fpucpu->ci_fpulwp" 
> failed: file "[...]src/sys/arch/powerpc/powerpc/fpu.c", line 180

Thanks different here - it seems, my mini's video board gets configured
into a strange video mode some time before the usb/firewire is
initialized and uses approx 1/3rd of the width of my display. It loops
in a 'Process init pid (1,1) - got sig 11' afterwords :(
(I've just tried a '-a' boot to check, if it come to the point where I
can choose the root device - but no change in the result)

btw. There is no command on Apple USB keyboards to enter ddb ?


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