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Re: modload: Cannot allocate memory

On May 9,  4:29pm, Shi Jie Gung wrote:
} Running NetBSD 5.99.44 (NETBSD_XEN3_DOMU) custom kernel on Debian Unstable, 
} 4.0.
} modload failed with every kmod.
} hp_netbsd# cd /stand/amd64/5.99.44/modules/hfs
} hp_netbsd# modload  hfs.kmod                                                  
} WARNING: module error: Cannot load kernel object `hfs.kmod' error=12
} modload: Cannot allocate memory

     XEN modifies various data structures and APIs in the kernel.  This
means that the distributed modules can't be linked into a XEN kernel.
At the vary least you would need to recompile the modules with
something like #define XEN (note that I haven't verified what you need
to define).  You would probably be better off recompiling XEN3_DOMU
with the hfs file system enabled.

}-- End of excerpt from Shi Jie Gung

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