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WAPBL silent file corruption

I was running on my amd64 laptop last night. It is running a
-current kernel from last October, since release-kernels don't properly
support its hdaudio. It has WAPBL enabled. Userland is 5.1.

Sometimes it suffers from spontaneous reboots. That is annoying. But it
gets worse.

I had one of those reboots while was running. When I restarted
it this morning, a whole bunch of object files was corrupted. I removed
a few directories worth of files, because many of them were filled with
00 instead of being valid object files.

A re-restarted build failed again, since some library was apparenty
corrupt too. (The symptom was unresolved symbols when linking)

If WAPBL doesn't guarantee that my files are either correct or absent, I
want Soft Dependencies back! Suppose I had made a backup of silently
corrupted files, discarding valid originals!

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