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cobalt/5.99.44: hangs while configure

Hi folks,

My cobalt with -current just crashed while building pkgsrc/shells/bash

here the backtrace... (I haven't got the kernel trap itself, I was not logged on the serial console that time...)

db> bt
pid 18288(conftest): trap: TLB miss (load or instr. fetch) in kernel mode status=0x3, cause=0x8808, epc=0x802a1b98, vaddr=0xcb0bb014 tf=0xcb0bac78 ksp=0xcb0bacd8 ra=0x802a20bc Stopped in pid 18288.1 (conftest) at netbsd:kdbrpeek+0x30: lw v0,0(v1)

Any ideas?


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