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Re: Console device

On 01/12/11 15:58, Johnny Billquist wrote:
Hi. As a part of me playing around with the vax port for the 86x0
machines, I'm now rewriting the console driver some.
The 86x0 machines actually have four console ports, two of which are for
"human" interfaces, and two for other uses.

I hit a snag though, since sys/dev/cons.c actually limits the minor
numbers for the console device to 0 and 1. Also, for the VAX, 0 and 1
both directs to 0 in the end.

Any suggestion on how I go about getting this to work?
The actual, physical devices on the VAX are all accessed through the
same interrupt and the same I/O registers, so a totally separate driver
and device numbers don't seem like a good way to go.

Hmm. I think I figured it out.
Major #25 is the actual console device. #0 is just redirected there.
Problem solved. I'll just have my new entries in /dev created with the "right" major number. Sorry for the noise.


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