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Re: Cannot boot amd64 image

On 06.01.2011 21:45, Julio Merino wrote:
>> On 31.12.2010 09:47, Julio Merino wrote:
>>>> OK I figured this out:
>>>>> modules off
>>>>> boot cd0a:netbsd
>>>> This time kernel boots OK and this gets me into sysinstall.
>>> Same thing here.  Running "modules off" did the trick.
>> Hmm, so this problem is more widespread than I thought.
> ... and I think I just hit the same issue while booting NetBSD/i386 on
> an HP nx6130 laptop.  Booting the installer just reboots the machine
> and "modules off" allows the kernel to boot... (only to be greeted
> later by the inability to run the installer because there are no file
> systems available!)

That's interesting, because i386 and amd64 boot differently regarding
installcd. And for now, I did not find anything that could cause such a

Did it happen with a fairly recent -current? There have been some
changes in boot(8) lately.

Jean-Yves Migeon

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