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Re: HEADS UP: matt-nb5-mips64 merge to HEAD

On Jan 4, 2011, at 2:57 AM, Simon Burge wrote:

> Matt Thomas wrote:
>> I've spent the past few days merging my matt-nb5-mips64 to HEAD.
>> It's now in a state almost ready to commit.  This affects every mips
>> port in a major way.  Several thing change (IPL/spl code, interrupts,
>> soft interrupts, pmap, tlb, ...) in various major ways.  This could
>> almost be considered a rewrite of the mips code.
>> This merge affects over 400 lines in sys/arch alone.  There is bound to
>> be breakage since I can't test all platforms but I will try to fix
>> things ASAP.
> Can you please test some reasonable combinations _before_ you merge
> to head this time?  Based on previous experiences I think we at least
> need to see an example of working MIPS1, MIPS32 and 32-bit and 64-bit
> MIPS3/MIPS64 this time around before we can even consider that a merge
> can take place.

Already verified on sgimips O2 and gxemul DEC 3max (both r3000 and r4400).
It'll also be tested on MIPS64 (O32, N32 and N64 kernels) on real hardware.

The only userland change is a better ffs.

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