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Re: Interrupt Trouble with 880G, ACPI

In Message <>,
   Gary Duzan <>wrote:

=>Context:       -current or netbsd-5, amd64 or i386, AMD 880G-based
=>              motherboard.
=>Symptom:       Boot process proceeds normally until around wd0
=>              probe, then hangs.
=>Workaround[0]: Typing on the keyboard allows processing to continue,
=>              but slowly.
=>Workaround[1]: Booting without ACPI allows mostly normal function,
=>              though things like poweroff don't work.
=>   [ ... ]

    Looks like my earlier attempt to post on this problem finally
made it through after almost a week languishing in a mail queue
somewhere. Please reference the earlier thread on this subject.

                                        Gary Duzan

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