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Re: Optimization tips for SSDs ?


On Sat, Jan 1, 2011 at 12:01 PM, Daniel Hagerty <> 
> Arnaud Lacombe <> writes:
>> git over ftp/http badly sucks and AFAIK, admins are reluctant to run
>> the git-deamon for resources consumptions' reasons.
>    There is apparently a smarter http transport available as of git
> 1.6.6 or so.  It probably presents similar resource issues to the git
> daemon protocol.
that's only part of the problem, the other being that the last 3
fast-import incantation crashed, and even if it succeed, objects
disappears which make it impossible to use on the long term. *I* lost
a couple of pkgsrc tree that way. The working repo was "clone
--shared" with a local copy of the tree. rsync'ing an updated version
of the repo lead to failure in object location. And do not tell me
"git clone --shared" is not recommended or dangerous: I'm using this
successfully with dozen of Linux repositories, FreeBSD's, DragonFly',
gcc', gdb', glibc', uclibc' and binutils' repositories (and I forget
smaller one). NetBSD is the only bad one. Moreover, last time I
checked, heads were not even updated on the src/ tree.

 - Arnaud

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