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ACPI/Interrupt trouble on AMD 880G

   I'm having trouble booting on a new AMD 880G-based motherboard.
The boot process progresses normally until around the wd0 probe, at
which point it stops. If I type on the keyboard, it will continue, if
slowly, until I stop typing. Booting with ACPI disabled mostly works,
though things like poweroff don't work. I get similar behavior if I try
to boot Dragonfly, though Ubuntu doesn't have a problem. I get similar
results with netbsd-5 or -current, amd64 or i386.

   I'm assuming that ACPI is mangling the interrupt routing, or
maybe disables some interrupts without re-enabling them. Any
ideas where to start attacking the problem? I've included links to
the dmesg.boot for the ACPI and non-ACPI cases, and an acpidump.


                                        Gary Duzan

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