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failing i386 atf tests

Hi folks, 

My periodic runs of anita test fails for i386 with this error. Does it ring 
bell to anyone ?

# atf-run t_vnd 
Content-Type: application/X-atf-tps; version="2"

info: atf.version, Automated Testing Framework 0.12 (atf-0.12)
info: tests.root, /usr/tests/fs/tmpfs
info: time.start, Mon Dec 13 11:59:01 UTC 2010
info: uname.sysname, NetBSD
info: uname.nodename, 
info: uname.release, 5.99.40
info: uname.version, NetBSD 5.99.40 (GENERIC) #0: Sun Nov 28 13:51:47 CET 2010
info: uname.machine, i386
info: env, ENV=/root/.shrc
info: env, BLOCKSIZE=1k
info: env, PWD=/usr/tests/fs/tmpfs
info: env, HOME=/root
info: env, _=/usr/bin/atf-run
info: env, 
info: env, HOST=
info: env, TERM=vt100
info: env, USER=root
info: env, LOGNAME=root
info: env, SHELL=/bin/sh
tps-count: 1
tp-start: t_vnd, 1
tc-start: basic
tc-so:Executing command [ mkdir /tmp/atf-run.00934b/mntpt ]
tc-so:Executing command [ mount -t tmpfs tmpfs /tmp/atf-run.00934b/mntpt ]
tc-so:Executing command [ dd if=/dev/zero of=disk.img bs=1m count=10 ]
tc-so:Executing command [ vnconfig /dev/vnd3 disk.img ]
tc-so:Executing command [ newfs /dev/rvnd3a ]
tc-so:Executing command [ mkdir mnt ]
tc-so:Executing command [ mount /dev/vnd3a mnt ]
tc-so:Creating test files
tc-se:sh: cannot create mnt/2/: directory nonexistent
tc-se:t_vnd: ERROR: The test case cleanup returned a non-ok exit code, but this 
is not allowed
tc-end: basic, failed, Failed to create file 2/
atf-run: ERROR: atf::atf_run::cleanup(/tmp/atf-run.00934b/mntpt):
atf-run: unmount(2) failed: Device busy



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