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Re: thank you for the updated compat_linux,rpm2pkg,emulators/suse113*, etc.

Matthias Scheler <> schrieb:
> I don't think that is an ugly hack, I think that is the correct change.
> The current version is old, outdated and insecure. SuSE 10.x are
> better of with "ns-flash" anyway.

I agree, but it doesn't work for at least for me. I'm getting

LoadPlugin: failed to initialize shared library 
/usr/pkg/lib/netscape/plugins/ [Shared object "" 
not found]
Adobe Flash Player error: could not load cURL library
*** NSPlugin Viewer  *** WARNING: unhandled variable 18 (<unknown variable>) in 
*** NSPlugin Wrapper *** ERROR: NPP_GetValue() wait for reply: Message timeout
*** NSPlugin Wrapper *** 
 assertion failed: (rpc_method_invoke_possible(plugin->connection))
*** NSPlugin Wrapper *** 
 assertion failed: (rpc_method_invoke_possible(plugin->connection))

Needless to say, Firefox completely hangs while the plugin wrapper
waits for the timeout...

Dennis den Brok

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