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Re: Recent netbsd-5 changes seem to make (autoconfig) raidframe trouble

On Mon, 29 Nov 2010 21:01:39 +1100
matthew green <> wrote:

> i booted up my pegasosII that hadn't been for ages, and it has
> manifested this problem as well.
> i added a little bit of instrumentation, and the block we expected to
> be zero'ed for this is not for my case, and i assume for yours
> either.  eg:
>   numBlocksHi/numBlocks 42a0aff1/04a25580
> is what i found, and the 0x42a0aff1 should be zero here.
> greg, can you comment on this at all?  i'm not sure what we should do.
> i'm sure i can work around this for my own case, but this seems like
> something we should be able to figure out ourselves.

Sorry for the delay in responding...  :( 

I think all we need to do is to make a call to getdisksize() were
numBlocksHi is being set in rf_disks.c:rf_AutoConfigureDisks().  The
necessary ac->vp sitting right there, so that should be easy.  It's
then just a matter of determining if ((numBlocksHi<<32)+numBlocks) is
larger than the size that the disklabel claims.  (and, if so,
discounting the numBlocksHi field, and setting it back to zero so that
it's correct the next time...)


Greg Oster

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