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Re: Which password cipher ?

 On 12/02/10 01:02, Joerg Sonnenberger wrote:

Not exactly true for DES -- it is still way too cheap to crack. One
useful paper on the topic is

It discusses some of the possible attack vectors. IMO we should make the
Blowfish or SHA1 based cypher the default and not ask. The only case
where the cipher really matters (other than security against cracking)
is interoperability with !NetBSD systems. In that case it only matters
if you want to copy the encrypted password from master.passwd. I believe
you already know how to change the cipher algorithm if you want to do
something like that...


"The password-hashing method used in OpenBSD uses an algorithm derived from Blowfish that makes use of the slow key schedule; the idea is that the extra computational effort required gives protection against dictionary attacks."

Wikipedia states why OpenBSD prefers Blowfish based one instead of other ones.


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