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RE: Which password cipher ?

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> The simple answer is password file compatibility -- other systems accept the 
> older formats.  Over the years, I've seen many instances where someone will 
> say 
> "send me your passwd file line".  DES is the most compatible; the Blowfish 
> and 
> md5 methods are used by other open source systems; the HMAC-SHA1 scheme was 
> developed for NetBSD and doesn't exist elsewhere unless they've picked up our 
> code.

As a user, a message such as the one above would have helped me choose more 

Replacing the actual list with a "preferred cipher" ordered list would enable 
users like me to "click next"(c) and have a default strong encryption system
and road-warriors to still be able to configure the right cipher to integrate
there complex IT infrastructure.

BTW, I'll use SHA-1, thanks Steven :)

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