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HEADS UP: autobuild snapshot datestamps changing slightly

Just a quick heads up that the daily builds are now using source from
within the last hour, instead of within the last 24 hours, as a basis
for builds.  Our build cluster is fast enough to build a single branch
more than once within 24 hours, and with this change, the code at the
start of build will be less than an hour old.

When looking at build timestamps on the snapshot page
( ), instead of seeing all
timestamps as "00:00 UTC" you'll now see (e.g.) "09:00 UTC".
(Incidentally, you can get the source used to build any of these
snapshots by using this timestamp as the argument to the "-D" option
of cvs)

This should not affect the contents at all, just wanted to let people
know why it's changing.

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