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Re: HEADS UP: Postfix 2.7.2 imported

In Message <>,
   Matthias Scheler <>wrote:

=>On Sat, Nov 27, 2010 at 10:06:01AM -0500, Gary Duzan wrote:
=>> In Message <>,
=>>    Matthias Scheler <>wrote:
=>> =>  Hello,
=>> =>
=>> =>I've imported Postfix 2.7.2 into NetBSD-current today. It builds and works
=>> =>fine under NetBSD/i386. Please submit a bug report if you find any 
=>>    Just a quick note before I file the report: compiling on my
=>> current(June-2010)/amd64 box gives me (lightly edited from parallel
=>> build):
=>I cannot reproduce that problem. I've kicked off a NetBSD/amd64 current
=>cross build and it has already build Postfix without problems.

   It looks like I might have caught the changes in mid-commit or
something. After another CVS update (in which I noticed a number
of postfix files had changed) I'm now able to build a release
   Sorry for the noise and the trouble.

                                        Gary Duzan

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