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Re: i82577LM

On 11 November 2010 14:51, Christos Zoulas <> 
> In article <>,
> GrÃgoire Sutre Â<> wrote:
>>On 08/20/2010 09:17 PM, Aran Clauson wrote:
>>> Â Â ÂI have a new Lenovo T510 with an Intel 82577LM ethernet
>>> adapter. ÂThe wm driver attaches to the device, but I am
>>> unable to communicate on the network. ÂAny advice? ÂI am
>>> running current, AMD64, 5.99.38 from built from sources on
>>> Aug 18.
>>I experience the same issue on a Dell E4310 that has the same ethernet
>>adapter. ÂI didn't find a problem report for this, so I filed one:
>>The PR contains a patch that fixes the problem at least on my laptop.
> I'd commit it.

I can also confirm that the new PHY support code fixes the problem for
me (on a ThinkPad X201 laptop with an Intel 82577 network adapter).
Thank you GrÃgoire.

Any reason this has not been commited yet?


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