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Re: /src/external/bsd/wpa/dist/src/radius/Makefile unconditionally defines IPV6

In article <>,
Scott Ellis  <> wrote:
>The Makefile looks to have:
>Which is unfortunate, when /etc/mk.conf includes MKINET6=no, since the 
>build fails with:
>--- dependall-wpa ---
>radius_server.o: In function `radius_server_init':
>radius_server.c:(.text+0x186e): undefined reference to `in6addr_any'
>radius_server.c:(.text+0x187a): undefined reference to `in6addr_any'
>collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
>*** [hostapd] Error code 1
>The Makefile should define CONFIG_IPV6 conditional on MKINET6=yes, right?

Fixed, thanks.


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