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Re: ACPI call for testing

Hi again,

While this avoids the problem with the interrupt storm resulting from
the previous patch, it doesn't help the initial problem of apparently
blocking interrupts for way too long :-(.

Ok, turns out that interrupts aren't really blocked, but that the CPU
has a bug (AMD erratum #400) that makes it not wake up from C1E or C3
sleep state from a lapic timer interrupt.  So it's not really an ACPI
problem, but a result from the side effect that with ACPI the cpu is
sent into some sleep state in the idle loop.

Disabling the use of lapic_clockintr, i.e. using the i8254 for clock
interrupts, makes the system more or less work with ACPI.  However,
it's still a bit slow, as building my custom kernel requires 1:31 with
ACPI enabled, while without ACPI the system does it in 0:55.

--                          Wolfgang Solfrank

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