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Mouse Not working on NetBSD 5.0.x(1,2)


X11 is not working on NetBSD AMD Core 2 Duo Processor. This is what I
have done till now,
1. Burned an Boot CD.
2. Installed NetBSD on my Machine(It dual boots with Fedora12 and FreeBSD).
3. Put wscons=Yes(Infact tried it with /etc/wscons.conf) and
wsmoused=YES(in rc.conf both)
4. Run X -configure.
5. Run X -config

I found the following things wrong in the
The driver is named as mouse(seems to be wsmouse in documentation) and
the file is /dev/mouse
(seems to be /dev/wsmouse in documentation).

I was trying to find a solution, I checked the /usr directory and
found X11R6 as well as
X11R7(is it because of this). Also I did an ls -lh /dev/mouse(does not
exist) and ls -lh /dev/wsmouse

I was just trying to see whether I will be able to fix the issue. It
is an ps2 mouse. Any inputs are welcome.


-- Sujit K M


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