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HEADS UP: xorg packages updated, and, you can use pigz in builds now

hi folks.

i updated a bunch of drivers and libraries in xsrc last night, and it
all seems to be OK.  (no new bugs, but nothing in the current list of
problems i'm aware of fixed.)  as usual, send-pr or let me know if you
see something new.  there wasn't much of note.  a lot of shuffling.

i've also added a switch to make our builds build and use tools/pigz
for the final sets compression, instead of the host gzip.  it expects
the host to have a working <pthread.h> and -lz, and since it doesn't
try to detect that yet, i've left the default for off for now.  most
modern systems would be fine (but linux will need, eg, "zlib-devel"
package installed now, instead of just "gzip") for this.  set
USE_PIGZGZIP=yes in your build environment to enable it.



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