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Fw: X Window System version -- xsrc or pkgsrc?

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Fecha: Sun, 8 Aug 2010 22:20:00 +0200
Desde: Jes <>
Para: Matthew Mondor <>
Asunto: Re: X Window System version -- xsrc or pkgsrc?

El Sun, 8 Aug 2010 14:24:15 -0400
Matthew Mondor <> escribió:

> On Sun, 8 Aug 2010 11:13:10 -0600
> Sverre Froyen <> wrote:
>  > It now seems, however, that the pkgsrc versions are lagging behind
>  > the NetBSD 
> > xsrc version, particularly with respect to acceleration. Currently,
> > I am using the pkgsrc wip version of Mesa (7.7.1) and related
> > modules, which appear to be faster than the regular pkgsrc versions
> > (7.4.4), but both now lag behind the xsrc version (7.8.2).
> I tend to track netbsd-5 for most of my hosts, and am using the
> in-base X11 myself.  I indeed think that it has more chances of being
> better integrated, and my second reason is that I have less trouble
> upgrading it with the base system than as a bunch of packages,
> especially that I also track stable pkgsrc branches.  I guess that
> another good reason would be to be able to use already provided
> packages from TNF, which are built for native X11, but I use a custom
> repository (yet also built against base-X11).
> Perhaps the situation is different for someone tracking both -current
> NetBSD and pkgsrc on a regular basis, my only -current system still
> uses base-X11 and stable pkgsrc netbsd-5 packages under COMPAT_5 for
> convenience.
> I agree, there always remains the mess of possibly unsupported
> modern hardware.  I do what I can to try NetBSD on hardware I intend
> to buy where possible, but there are cases where I couldn't and
> I occasionally was disapointed.  Chosing motherboards with enough free
> slots, and holding a collection of cards which are known to be well
> supported often saves the day (not only for video, and not only on
> NetBSD, from experience).  Of course, chosing a laptop is more
> difficult.
> For video, over the years I found the support for ATI chips generally
> excellent, even older PCI/AGP ones for good 2d acceleration (Mach64,
> Rage128), and more recently stable 2d+3d acceleration on several
> Radeons on netbsd-5 or -current and base-X11...

In my recent experience pkgsrc Xorg (modular Xorg) runs pretty well. My
laptop has a i95GM and the modular Xorg is able to deal with the 3d
acceleration. Not as good as in linux (EXA method instead of more
powerful XAA) but good enough for me. 

There's a little inconvenient in my system (I don't know if it's
something general or only in my laptop), but some apps (packages) have
to be compiled against standard Xorg (not using X11_TYPE=modular).

My recomendation: use pkgsrc Xorg. Both, standard and modular can exist
and live together.

Best regards,


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