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amd64 multiple raidframe autoconfig root slices boot issues

 I set up two slices for raid1 which were going to be production and development system.  When I configured them to both be autoconfig root and rebooted during the booting process I recieved a warning related to wd0 and wd1 being similar (cannot remember the message) and I was then presented with a prompt to enter the root partition with a default.

At that point the keyboard driver seemed to have problems.  It would not echo keys entered.  If I entered the shift lock key it dropped into kernel debuger.  Typing upper case characters caused things to scroll by - lowercase I could type to the debugger.  There was a message something like keyboard_start command failed.

I saw another similar situation on the web and they reported using a USB keyboard resolved the problem for them - either a ps2 keyboard or usb keyboard was the same situation.

Attempting to boot from a CD resulted in exactly the same situation - when it came to the access the disks it presented a prompt (with the default being a memory file system) but one is unable to get it to accept it.

I pulled the disks and put another disk in.  Downloaded kernel source and built a kernel raid but without autoconfig option.  I put the disks back in.   Booted the other disk and was then able to turn off autoconfig root on one of the slices and then was able to boot.

The kernels with 4.0, 5.0.2

Is this a known issue?

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