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ld vs sd on cac/ciss/aac and friends

I am building a machine with a ciss(4) in it, to replace an older Compaq that has a cac(4) in it. I noticed, and was surprised, that the ciss(4) presents the volumes as sd(4) devices rather than ld(4) devices. My cac's and aac's present ld(4) devices, which makes sense, as that's largely what ld(4) means.

So my question first is, why is ciss(4) different. And more importantly, assuming "just because it is that way" might be the answer, is there any notable advantage or disadvantage, in provable reality or in theory, of doing it one way vs the other?

  Thanks.  Just an "inquiring minds want to know" kind of question...

                       - Chris

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